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lullaby shade ‘lite’

Includes Lullaby Shade with integrated speakers and free carry bag.

lullaby shade ‘plug & play’

Includes Lullaby Shade with fully opening window, integrated speakers and matching carry bag.  

lullaby shade ‘premium’

Includes Lullaby Shade with fully opening front window, integrated speakers, MP3 player, free pre-loaded album and matching carry bag.

time to throw away that annoying parasol!

Multi award winning Lullaby Shade is the first MUSICAL sleep and sunshade for pushchairs, designed to help your little on sleep on-the-go!

It’s the ideal way of maintaining baby’s sleep routine on holidays, shopping trips, family days out and restaurants visits, while being protected from noisy distractions, sun, light rain, wind and annoying insects.

Designed to fit all major brands of buggy*, travel system*, pushchair* or stroller*, one size really does fit all, so no need change your shade as baby outgrows their system.

Whether you choose the “lite”, “plug & play” or “premium” model, each shade includes integrated speakers, safely housed within the “parents pocket” and entirely out of the way of little hands. Simply plug your phone or media player directly into the speakers, select the music or noise of your choice and tuck safely away from prying eyes into the “parents pocket”.   

Safety Lead Design by British Mum:

  • Cool Flow Vents – the only sleep and sunshade designed to allow the heat generated by baby’s body to escape, as the hot air rises up and out, cooler air is pulled in through the base of the vent ensuring excellent airflow at all times.
  • Also designed to allow the CO2 that baby breathes out to escape, ensuring safety at all times.
  • Superior Bespoke Fabric – boasts 60% more air permeability than the market leader whilst offering 30+ UVA and UVB protection.
  • SeeMe! Reflectors – our unique design features reflective material ensuring great night-time visibility for pedestrians and road users alike.
  • Sound Limited Speakers – no matter what you, granny or big brother plugs into the speakers or how loud the volume is turned up, the speakers can never exceed around 60 decibels, which is about the level of a normal conversation, ensuring baby’s delicate ears are protected.

*with a hood     


why you need Lullaby Shade – for buggies

Lullaby Shade – for buggies is a major breakthrough in baby and childcare. It’s simple and easy to use, effective and affordable.

Lullaby Shade – for buggies was designed by a busy mum to help give others the freedom to travel with their baby without disrupting those all-important – and hard won – sleep routines.

Easy to fit, Lullaby Shade – for buggies is compact and lightweight, and fits most buggies and pushchairs with a hood.

By transforming your everyday pushchair into a relaxing, music filled sleep-pod; Lullaby Shade – for buggies gives you the freedom and confidence to travel anywhere, at any time, without disrupting important sleep routines.