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the idea behind Lullaby Shades…

The year was 2010, my bundle of joy arrived after much huffing and puffing on the 28th June. Enter new Mum – stage right…. 

Filled with confidence, and bags and bags of stuff (how much stuff does one baby need?!) as a new Mum, I head off to the sunnier climes of Tenerife safe in the knowledge that Baby H would behave himself and that hubby and I would have an amazing trip…..

However…Baby H had other ideas. Back at home, my perfect bundle was in a great routine and slept like a dream.  But on this much needed, saved and longed for holiday, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the baby from the ‘dark side’.

The word ‘sleep’ simply disappeared from his vocabulary, further testing my exhausted baby brain. 

About us
About us
About us

After many frustrated hours trying to get him off to sleep in his buggy (in the shade, on the go, standing still, standing on my head…well almost) I reluctantly covered him with a muslin to help darken his buggy; hoping that my adorable bundle would drop off to sleep. But no, dear readers, no. He wasn’t having a bit of it.

Almost at breaking point, I remembered that at home I played him music at bedtime. So, out came my phone. I sourced his favourite tracks and wonder of wonders…a miracle happened. Mr Non-Sleepy-Pants went out like a light. The darkness coupled with the soothing music took this frustrated and over tired bundle of joy of to the land of nod almost immediately….

And that’s it. That’s how Lullaby Shades was born – through sheer frustration and the need for a cold glass of wine on a hot Tenerife afternoon. I knew that if there wasn’t such a thing on the market, then one day there certainly would be.


Bringing the idea, a sun tan and a more relaxed marriage back from the holiday, I immediately registered the company name knowing that one-day I’d follow my dream. Little did I realise that a year or two later I would receive a redundancy package that would allow me to change direction and follow that dream.

So, armed with an unexpected cash windfall, a LOT of spare time and the blessing of my husband, my ‘pipe dream’ started to become a reality.

Fast forward a few years, a few hundred hours of research, countless false starts, failures, tears, tantrums, sleepless nights and rows with the hubby…. we’re finally here.

About us
About us

Lullaby Shades finally launched its first product at the Baby Show in Olympia in October 2016.

So that’s it. I’m just an ordinary gal, with a LOT of support from my amazing family and friends – couple with a dogged determination.

I really hope you love your Lullaby Shade and that it helps your little one sleep well wherever you go; giving you back your freedom. 

All the best

Stacey xxx